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Tuesday, 17-Jul-2007 01:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mystery: Alien Pictures

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Rare chance to see what the alien looks like on the inside.

This alien picture simply has to be one of the most amazing alien pictures ever taken.

The alien body found in this alien picture was discovered inside a UFO.

This picture is of a fairly recent alien autopsy.

This man in India discovered a skull which is clearly that of an alien that died sometimes ago.

This dead alien in this alien picture looks to have taken a serious blow to the head which probably was the cause of his death.

This alien picture comes from the streets of South America where the locals apparently found an alien body and tore it apart until all the was left was this alien head.

This picture of a dying alien shows the alien in a seriously frail state but fighting to stay alive.

This dead alien was clearly dead for a while before somebody took the alien picture.

Word has it that the alien's bones were found in the Andes but they weren't discovered by the outside world for years after its death.

With as many aliens that make it to Earth some of them are bound to die while they are on Earth.

A farmer woke up one night to a strange glow coming from his barn. He always took his camera with him when there was trouble on the farm just incase he needed pictures for the police or for insurance. Imagine his surprise when he saw this alien looking back at him.

The person that took this alien picture didn't even know they had the picture until they took a roll of film to get developed.

This scary looking alien body was found in a cave in Brazil.

The origins of this picture of a dead baby alien fetus are a mystery. It is obvious from the picture that a medical procedure had taken place but no clues to what happened for the baby alien to be dead.

This alien baby was sadly dead when it was discovered in Japan.

This alien baby picture is from the 1950's.

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Nature: Sand Storm in Iraq

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Snapshot: Switzerland in Winter

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This is how real winter looks like.

Wednesday, 11-Jul-2007 01:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Snapshot: Tsunami in Antartic (Frozen in Instant)

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Mystery: Unknown Sea Creature

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Even birds are keeping away!

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