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Monday, 20-Aug-2007 01:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Snapshot: Kalavaarahalli Betta, A Place Above The Clouds

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This place is called Kalavaara Halli and the mountain is called Kalavaarahalli Betta (also called as Skanda Giri). It is near Chikkaballapura (about 70 Km from Bangalore).


Name: Kalavaarahalli Betta Mountain (a.k.a. Skanda Giri)
Location : South India
Area : 1,91,791 Sq.Km
Capital : Bangalore
Population : 5,27,33,958
Language : Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Kodava, Hindi, English



Friday, 17-Aug-2007 00:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mystery: Stonehenge, Wilshire United Kingdom

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STONEHENGE adalah monumen zaman prasejarah yang dijumpai di luar United Kingdom, Wilshire, di utara Salisbury. Ia adalah rangkaian batu yang berdiri tegak setinggi enam meter dengan setiap satunya mencecah berat sehingga 45 tan dan memerlukan kira 500 orang untuk mengangkutnya.

Dipercayai, lokasi asal Stonehenge ialah di kawasan hutan yang dipenuhi semak samun, namun jarak masa merubah kawasan itu menjadi kawasan penempatan petani untuk bercucuk tanam. Akhirnya, sedikit demi sedikit kawasan itu dibersihkan sehingga menjadi tanah lapang.

Ahli arkeologi percaya batu itu disusun mengikut struktur yang boleh dilihat sekarang sekitar 2,200 sebelum masihi manakala tebing dan parit yang mengelilinginya, bertarikh sekitar 3,100 sebelum masihi.

Batu yang digunakan untuk formasi pertama itu dipercayai diambil dari Gunung Prescelly, terletak 240 batu dari tapak prasejarah itu, di timur laut Wales. Batu berkenaan seberat sehingga empat tan setiap satu dan sejumlah 80 batu digunakan untuk membinanya.

Memandangkan jarak yang terlampau jauh, ramai mempersoalkan bagaimana batu itu dibawa ke tapak pembinaan.


Thursday, 16-Aug-2007 01:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Total Lunar Eclipse this coming August 28th, 2007

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On Tuesday, August 28th, the dream will come true. There's going to be a colorful lunar eclipse visible from the five continents.

On August 28th when the Moon enters Earth's shadow, at first, there's little change. The outskirts of Earth's shadow are as pale as the Moon itself; an onlooker might not even realize anything is happening. But as the Moon penetrates deeper, a startling metamorphosis occurs. Later the color of the Moon changes from moondust-gray to sunset-red. This is totality, and it lasts for 90 minutes.

The eclipse will be visible from Australia, Japan, parts of Asia and most of the Americas, but not from Africa or Europe. Pacific observers are favored. On the west coast of the United States, the entire eclipse will unfold high in the post-midnight sky. On the east coast, totality will be truncated by sunrise.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment causing the Earth to block all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. However, it will not become obliterated, for the Moon will be tinged by residual sunlight that is deflected by Earth's atmosphere. Gradually, the Full Moon reduces to a crescent until it becomes entirely dark deep brown or coppery bronze. This is just the sight to behold when you are anticipating a lunar eclipse as rare as this.

It's almost about an hour for people in Malaysia to see it. The lunar eclipse is visible to whole Malaysia as long as under clear sky and no obstruction at the east. Moon only rises around 1919 (7:19PM) local time and it is going to end at 2023(8:23PM) local time. The lunar eclipse can be seen with unaided naked eye (No telescope needed). Therefore be ready when time comes to sunset for a clear eastern sky.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Photos of the March 3, 2007, partial lunar eclipse. Credit: Antonio Finazzi and Michele Festa of Lago di Garda, Italy.

The Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment causing the Earth to block all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon.

The Earth as seen from the Moon (normal vs. eclipse) during 27th of October 2004 Lunar Eclipse.


Wednesday, 15-Aug-2007 01:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dangerous Animal: Giant Snake found in Australia

An Australian sheep farmer was puzzled at the disappearance of sheep on his farm. After a few weeks of sheep disappearing the farmer decided to put up an electric fence and he found the reason in the end.


Wednesday, 8-Aug-2007 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mystery: Australia Sea Serpent

On December 12th, 1964, French photographer Robert Serrec was vacationing in Queensland, Australia. He was out off the coast in small row boats with his family and friends. They were in less than 6 feet of water when they noticed a giant snake like creature laying on the oceanbottom. They describe it as a grayish tadpole like creature with a snake like head, approximately 75-80 feet long. There appeared to be a large wound on the creatures back. They took pictures of the creature before it became bothered and swam off (see photo below).


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